Sunshine, home improvement, part 1

2nd July. All apartments empty.  The perfect time to start innovating.

Well……..actually to start the demolishing part 🙂

Sunshine really needs a new kitchen. And with that a new look. And since there are no guests we can make all the noise we want to, so we started removing the old kitchen and bar.

Quite a job, especially the concrete bar. But it was all done within a few days and before our new guests (in the next door studio) arrived.   From now on we can only make noise when our guests are at the beach.

In planning the new countertop, we found an obstructing water supply pipe. We don’t want that in sight, so Gio started to dig in the wall to lower the angle ………..  Oops!

Well…………we’ll find a solution for that later

On to the next part, flooring.  Removing the concrete bar left a ditch in the tile floor.  No possibility to get the same tiles, so we’re inventive. The new kitchen is going to get a beautiful home made wooden flooring.  So get the pallet wood in and start to mosaic! Lola, helpful as ever, is thinking along with us 🙂


Meanwhile, we’re into our 2nd week of remodeling.  The new refrigerator and stove have arrived, so we can start the measurements for the new to build concrete kitchen.

This is an enormous job!  Floors and wall are not level so there’s a lot of measuring to do and adjustments to be made.  Gio has started building the mold . This will take at least the rest of this week.

Hopefully we can start pouring concrete in the course of the next week.

Meanwhile, I have the fun part of the job. Buying stuff. 🙂   Like I said, we got a new refrigerator and stove. I also found beautiful new curtains to complete the new look and I started refurbishing the chairs.  From old and worn yellow/orange seats to new neat grey ones.  A first for me, but I am quite happy with the result.  1 down, 3 to go!

2017-07-19 15.47.30

Next week, like I mentioned, we hope to start the concrete part of the job.



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