Sunshine, home improvement, part 2

Following our previous post from July, we meanwhile made progress with our remodeling.  It was a way bigger job than we anticipated, but finally the end was in sight. Still some finishing touches to the countertop, a wooden floor in the kitchen and a nice new layer of paint on the walls.


The result is beautiful!  We are so happy 🙂


There is still a lot to do. We’ll take that on next month.  For now the living area is suitable for guests.  In October we’ll move on to the furniture (pallet wood couch/bed) and a system to really separate the kitchen from the optional extra bedroom.  When this is done we can offer either an apartment with 1 bedroom and a large living with open kitchen, or turn this into an apartment with 2 bedrooms with smaller living/kitchen area.  We’ll keep you posted!

For now the living area looks like this: 2017-09-04 15.41.31

By the way:  The terrace has undergone a make over as well.  New fence, new table and renovated chairs (from our previous post)  We’re quite happy with the results so far.

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