When I was cleaning up my garden this evening, I suddenly saw something moving. A plastic cap, inhabited by a hermit crab.   He looked so pitiful, I picked him up and decided to present him with some new and improved housing options.

At first he was in shock and didn’t seem interested in the nice line up of suitable new homes I picked out for him. But as soon as I dimmed the lights and left him alone (he thought), he started to inspect the merchandise.

Within 5 minutes he made his choice and I could set him free again in the garden. He happily strolled away, carrying his new home 🙂


Dinner time!


At 5 o’clock sharp everybody gathers on the terrace. Dinner time.  Not only our dogs Tina and Lola have a built in clock. Stoffel, our biggest turtle, daddy of a whole bunch of small ones, can also tell the time.