In Memoriam

In the past 8 months I’ve been very quiet on the internet.  Due to personal circumstances my joy in writing disappeared for some time.  My beloved life partner Gio recently died of cancer.  I’m so sad he’s not here with me anymore, but glad for him his fight is over.  Not only I will miss him.  Also our guests, who came to know and love him over the past 5 years, will find something/someone is missing with their next visit.

2016-07-30 19.20.50

Still, holidays should be happy times! And that is what I have always tried to accomplish for my guests and will continue to do.  My smile survived! The pool is inviting, the terrace surrounding it always willing to be the designated BBQ spot for fun evenings and the lovely dog ladies still need their attention and cuddles!

I am happy for having known a beautiful person like Gio and more, having spent 5 wonderful loving years with him.  I am happy for all of you who got to spend holidays at Rian Apartments when Gio was around.   We all have known a very special person!

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